All Work No Play

What’s important ?

Work getting done every day! Your list of tasks getting ticked every day ! And no excitement ? No Love ? No Joy ?

You were tired at night & slept off without closing your night chores ? You wake up in the morning & see what was not done at the night ! Does that make feel angry ? Do you take it out on your spouse, your kids or do you begin the day with a hug, a smile, a mystery in your heart.

You look at the unfinished task in your list & that makes you cringe. Then you decide that its not going to be like that today and you push the accelerator. You have an agenda in life today. Nothing else matters. Tasks must be finished, come what may.

If this is how your day begins, you are living your life ‘linear’. Its all about you. You must achieve all your goals, alone. Because all others in your life have their own goals and their goals appear to be different than your goals. So YOUR goals, YOUR tasks have to be pushed hard, as you are the only one who owns them.

Have you experienced “meeting of minds” ? Do you think, its possible to have “meeting of minds” ? Or you think its too difficult & time consuming to arrive at that, you rather do it all yourself & to the extent it gets too much, just delegate things around. It doesn’t matter if others are excited about doing that or not. It doesn’t matter if other’s have their own conflicting tasks to do or ways of going about their life, as the loudest & the most powerful person wins.

Well you may have been getting away with this & you may be content with your life & may be secretly think your life is not worthwhile or exciting. But you just pass the motions.

So if excitement is not important in life, why cringe for the lack of it ? If excitement is not what your soul wants to experience, then you would secretly be fine living your life ‘linear’.

Most of your early life, you are a free bird. You have little / no obligations at home. You can choose your friends at school / college. When you step into the world or you get married & have kids, you start living your life in relationship. Success is to happen mostly during this phase of life. So living in relationship & achieving your tasks in relationship becomes more important.

“Meeting of minds” is like design time for your tasks/goals/objectives/dreams. Spend a little more time understanding others goals/tasks/objectives/dreams. Offer to help. In relationship, life begins with giving, especially giving unconditionally. Experience the joy of understanding others around you, & helping them achieve their own little accomplishments. Giving is the most satisfying experience for us. And the same is true for others also. They feel guilty about not giving you enough in return, as they also want to experience the joy of giving. So they want to understand your dreams/goals/tasks/objectives. Its no good having your clarity in your mind. No one can read your mind. See how you can now win people to your vision. At your office, try to evolve the common vision, & stick it on the wall for everyone to see. At home, share your vision with your spouse, & work towards building an environment for the family to thrive.

So, are you beginning with expecting your spouse, or colleagues to start Giving ?

Gimme a break 🙂


Why do people work ?

Isn’t your biggest anticipation from your job or profession, to be excited about what you do ?

If your work excites you, perhaps, no need to read any further. But if you don’t feel fresh at 6 pm, or if you don’t feel that your day begins at any time of the day, then you may want to think along with me.

Why is it that some of us think of money as the biggest motivator to work ? Why do companies or even nations set goals purely in terms of money & growth ? Even when they talk about inclusive growth, its still in terms of money!

Money is a medium of exchange that we use to buy something that excites us, or solves our pain or helps us gain. So if excitement was not important, money would not be either. But why do we think we can be bored for 9 hours a day just to earn our pay, that might allow us to buy things that excite us ?

We don’t realize what excitement does to us! Don’t we ? We don’t realize how it opens doors for us. If you are excited about what you do, you make others want to work with you. It makes others want to give you responsibility, because they feel, that the work will get done, well.

You want to do something else in life? Your heart is somewhere else? Well! It shows! If you are not happy doing something ‘now’, you don’t attract any positive belief in YOU, by others, ‘now’. If they are not convinced about you, on what you are doing ‘now’, they cannot help you reach a point, where you can do what really excites you.

So is there really any alternative to “doing what excites you” ? What can tell us what’s right? Is there something that guides us & shows us the path ?

You are most likely to succeed, when you radiate your purpose in life. People see an excited ‘you’ & want to do business. Else, you are always working on effort mode. You are pushing for things to happen. Else, people get pulled by you. Isn’t that the path of least resistance to success ?

Try it! Its gets easy once you are in it. Then you could use your emotions to guide you & keep you in your path of success !