15 simple principles to resolve differences and secure your rights.

1. Any person that contributes to the community, has done service to you. Be thankful to the person for his role, effort, idea or information. If you expect more from him / her, ask for it and offer to help.

2. No one is a cheat. Its camouflage. We think someone is a cheat, because we are not able to understand his / her behavior or insecurities. Even if someone is, it serves no purpose in telling him so. Focus only on your interest and learn to protect it, without hurting people’s ego.

3. Its mostly easier to protect your interest than what you make it out to be. The more you panic before taking action towards self – protection, the more difficult you make it.

4. The more you hurt / abuse others, even when you feel justified, the more you are hurting inside your own self.

5. Take responsibility for your actions / situations. Remember that when someone seems to be holding on to what is yours, it was initially given by you to them.

6. When you have suffered from others. Its not because you were nice to them, but its because you did not protect your interest. So don’t close your heart more and more every time you get suffering from others.

7. When you understand that you have suffered by your past actions. Don’t forget to forgive yourself before marching forward to set it right. You need the whole of you to get back what you lost.

8. Remain objective in conversations with people and groups, you never know what catches fire. There is a risk of losing the purpose of your action.

9. No one has a reason to fight with you or make your life miserable. Don’t give them reasons to begin with.

10. If you have given others a reason to fight with you, remember they need an honourable exit from the situation too. Just make it easy for them to exit.

11. When trying to repair a relationship, focus on where you went wrong. That will be a good way to ask the other to focus on where he went wrong. But then, everyone one has different ways to say sorry. You say it your way, & let the other person say it his way at his convenient time.
12. Never lose focus of your genuine rights. Keep working on them. But if it is not working in a situation. Give up and try again after the next breath. If it’s still not working, give up and try again the next day. Every try may be a new try.

13. For what is yours, simply ask what you want, don’t explain why. Don’t give options and explanations. Ask it once and then keep looking into the other’s eyes. Whoever moves the eye contact first, loses.

14. Never question why you are getting problems in life. There is no other way for you to find success but by following your problems. They are like breadcrumbs in search of the treasure of your life.

15. Don’t carry regrets and baggage on your shoulders. They are yours. Stay light in pursuit of your goals.

Did you learn some lessons in resolving differences or in securing your rights. Do share your ideas and story.


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